About Us

In the years prior to the founding of Hypest Hive, we worked with gaming influencers and brands on different platforms, in different countries, on different concepts. Yet, one thing was always the same - it was unnecessarily complicated. That´s the reason we got together with brands and content creators to build Hypest Hive and finally make influencer- brand partnerships in gaming as easy as possible. It´s the tool we wish we had, now open to everyone.

David Eibensteiner

Mohamed "Mo" Ghanim


Mo is a gamer through and through. Twitch is his Netflix, World of Warcraft his wife (yeah, you read that right). After combining his two biggest passions he got into influencer marketing in gaming. The experiences he gathered during this time are the foundation of Hypest Hive. Besides thinking ahead and being a nice guy (which is the universal description everyone gives him), he also loves burgers (extra bacon, no tomatoes, no funny business).

David Eibensteiner

Lukas "Luke" Lidauer


Luke loves creating - whether it´s Team Fortress 3D Assets, a huge base in 7 Days to Die (his favorite game) or a scaleable business. He is known for being straight forward and getting things in line. That´s why he keeps the motor running, while developing Hypest Hive further and creating new features. He also loves self-made stir fried rice (spicy, real spicy) and drawing horses.

David Eibensteiner

David "Eibi" Eibensteiner


Eibi is the master of code. He just codes and it seems like he never stops except for a quick workout or a (long) adventure in Terraria (a game, where you can count the pixels on the screen, but still amazing to play). On weekends and during his spare his time he - well... - codes games. He doesn´t drink coffee - yeah, it´s weird - but he loves browsing through uncharted territory on reddit while eating tuna.