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Successfully sent infos, we will contact you soon!

Fair & Transparent Pricing

There are no fees if you don't reach your goal.



Contracts, reporting, organization, feedback - it's tedious and time consuming. That's why we sat down with content creators and automated the whole process. Focus on the important stuff - your content - and let us worry about the rest.
0% Sign Up Fee 10% Service Fee

What you get in return

  • A tool that handles everything for you, except the content
  • Your personal media kit tailored to brands needs, in the form of a profile page
  • An easy workflow designed by content creators and brands
  • Secure Payments
  • Access to real sponsorships from verified brands
  • The opportunity to build a constant stream of income
  • A support team that knows what it means to be a content creator


The trend is clear, instead of short bursts of attention, influencer marketing is maturing. To build a loyal audience, you need someone to speak their language and deliver your initialMessage. Find your perfect gaming influencer and stand by their side. By just showing up, you won't win the marathon and the crowd.
0% Sign Up Fee 10% Service Fee*

*Minimum fee is 10€ per partnership month, as we want to provide secure payments and keep the servers up and running.

What you get in return

  • A toolkit to manage influencers designed by marketers
  • Extended analytics and a filtering system that gets you to the finish line
  • A maximum of five influencer partnerships per month
  • Secure Payments
  • Access to a wide range of influencers in the gaming universe
  • The opportunity to build a real relation with the best gaming content creators
  • A support team with a background in influencer relations
You intend to have a few partnerships and wanna play it smart? We have the thing for you!
Manage as many partnerships as you want with a fixed price. Recommended for brands who see the potential in gaming partnerships and content creators that wanna up their game!